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1825 Grand Marais Rd West     Windsor, ON     N9E 1E9

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Facility Rental

Glenwood has a variety of spaces available for rent, with sizes ranging from small meeting rooms to our large Main Hall. We are conveniently located on a corner lot so there are 2 entrances with ample parking. Most of our rooms are wheelchair accessible.

Our full kitchen is available for rent as well and limited kitchen services can be provided upon request (additional fees would apply). We'd be happy to host your next baby or wedding shower, child's birthday party, weeknight book club, ladies' night painting party, parent and tot playgroup, group/team signup event, etc. Please note: alcohol is strictly prohibited in all of our facilities.

Contact Katie Facey at or phone 226-675-0096

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Worship Services

Sunday worship services IN PERSON September to June are at 10:30 a.m. and July-August 10a.m.

We livestream all regular worship services and they are available for you to watch on this WEBSITE!

Worshiping God as a Community of Faith is what unites us.

Through prayer, praise and hearing messages of hope we grow in faith of God the Creator, Jesus His Son and the Spirit.

Music: A blend of hymns and songs of the Christian faith -- traditional and contemporary.

Special music: From our music director, volunteer choir, instrumentalists and youth band

Prayer: An integral part of worship as we approach God in awe, through confession of sins and as we pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ and for our church family near and far.

Worship: A celebration of hope because of Jesus Christ's resurrection to new life. The message we receive and are invited to share reflects Christ's unconditional love which prayerfully sustains, upholds and enables us to serve Him in love each day.

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Children’s Ministry

ur church school program runs concurrently with our Worship services. Children are part of the worship service and share in songs and a story with our minister. They are then taught by our teachers about the Good News in Jesus, Bible stories and life lessons.

Youth are invited to share in our worship services through active participation as lay readers, ushers, and through sharing special talents and gifts. We are always grateful for our youth volunteers sharing in many tasks of our church from yard work, to dinner preparations.. Youth—call the church for Volunteer Opportunities and to gain your needed Volunteer Hours!
Confirmation or Profession of Faith Classes are held every two years which leads to a special day of celebration for all in our church family. Watch for this in Spring 2022!

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Bible Book and Conversation (BBC)

Study series for adults are held Wednesday mornings from 10:30 to noon for 10-12 weeks. In person in the church parlour. Topics are chosen by participants = books of the Bible, to prayer, specific works of Christian writers and current topics. All outlines are available through Rev Cathy. Watch our newsletter or bulletin announcements for upcoming sessions and contact the church or Rev Cathy to reserve your spot!

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United Church Women (UCW)

The UCW group meets in the parlour on the 3rd Wednesday of each month beginning at 1:30pm. Refreshments are shared as we gather for friendship and fellowship for women. Discussions follow a time of devotion and are usually filled with laughter and deep thought. An offering is received to support various missions and Glenwood Church as well. All women are welcome.


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Holy Communion

THE LORD'S SUPPER OR HOLY COMMUNION is shared during regular worship time where all who believe in Christ are welcome to receive the bread (the body) and the juice (the blood) of Christ.

We share “in remembrance of Him” Jesus who died and rose for us. We do what He did when he ‘Took bread, gave thanks, broke it and shared it with others. We also take the cup, give thanks and pour it out for others to share. We share it by a) coming forward and receiving it from servers OR b) receiving a triple cup system prior to the start of worship. 

Dates for this sacrament celebration are announced in advance so that all may attend and feel God’s Spirit move amongst us!

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Baptism emphasizes the beginning and belonging of an individual's relationship with God.

Water is placed upon the head of a believer or a child of a believer and symbolizes and welcomes the individual into God's family. Using the words "in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit" this baptism of water is recognized by our Christian brothers and sisters around the world because the United Church is part of the World Council of Churches.

Baptisms are held during regular Sunday worship services as scheduling permits. Rev Cathy meets with each family or individual in preparation of this special celebration reviewing the meaning of baptism and obtaining pertinent information for this celebration! Please call the church office to arrange a meeting time and for further information!


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Through the waters of Baptism, we become members of God’s Family. Through Church School classes: children grow older and they are taught the foundations of faith, Biblical teaching, and experience the life and work of the Church.


At age 13-14 youth are invited to take part in Confirmation or Profession of Faith Classes where they focus on the promises their parents made when they were baptised. At the celebration of Confirmation, the youth PROFESS their own belief and become FULL MEMBERS of the church.

Full Membership

ADULTS: are welcome into full membership through:

a) PROFESSION OF FAITH after a time of adult membership classes is complete

b) TRANSFER of MEMBERSHIP- from another church to another

c) REAFFIRMATION OF FAITH- when membership commitment has lapsed but a renewed sense of being called to serve has begun, adults may reaffirm their membership into Christ’s body the church.

IF you are interested in full membership in Glenwood United Church, please call the Church Office to speak with Rev Cathy!

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Congratulations on your Engagement! Now it is time to prepare your wedding celebration and for marriage!

God is an integral part of our lives and as couples marry God is in the midst guiding and helping them along their life together.
Please call the church office to meet with our minister to strives to make your wedding PERSONAL, MEANINGFUL and SPIRIT-FILLED!

The SANCTUARY: stained glass, natural light, seating for up to 300, Audio-Video options including Livestream of the service enables all your guests to celebrate your love with traditional organ music, piano sounds or special selections played through our sound system.

OTHER LOCATIONS: Our minister is available to go to your setting as well, but all preparations are held at Glenwood Church.

WEDDING PREPARATIONS: include a pre-marriage survey program helping you to discover more about each other in relationship, options of several resources to make your wedding uniquely yours, and with our wedding banner, special care is taken to celebrate the beginning of your marriage.
All preparations and weddings must be planned ahead due to availability and scheduling with other events. Please contact the church office, to arrange an appointment with our minister and receive further details including fees in our wedding brochures.

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May God be with you as you grieve the death of your loved one. We are here to support you in this time of loss and as you prepare to celebrate their life.

We believe in the promise of eternal life after death as Jesus made this possible through his death and resurrection. We are human and death is a part of our life whereby our bodies are separated from our earthly existence and when this occurs we cry and grieve and need to do so with those who support us.

Funerals or memorial services- may take place in the sanctuary of Glenwood Church, funeral homes or gravesite alone. Our minister is highly trained in death education, palliative care, traumatic grief and mourning and is willing to support you as you grieve and mourn your loved one. This may also include the time leading up to the death of your loved one, a celebration of life and through grief and bereavement sessions after the celebration of life of your loved one.

If you choose to honour your loved one with a service at Glenwood Church, there are fees for use and these are discussed with you at the time of preparation.

Please contact the Church Office so that Rev Cathy may assist you in this time of grief and bereavement.