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You Are Never Alone

Pastoral Care

One of the key roles of the Minister and the church is to offer pastoral care throughout one’s life.

From celebrating the birth and baptism of an infant to honouring one who has been called home to God in faith, our church family is called to serve one another in Jesus’ name through all of life’s challenges, changes and experiences.

The Pastoral Care committee strives to reach out to all members on a regular basis through emails, phone calls or in-home visits. We also try to celebrate milestone birthdays, anniversaries and rites of passage for children and youth. If you are in need of pastoral care, know someone who would like prayer, or a home or hospital visitor and/or with Rev Cathy, or just a listening ear, please call the church! We are here to serve you!

Rev Cathy also offers pastoral counselling focusing on family concerns. She is also able to support you in your grief and loss through bereavement care. Through her extensive training in Grief and Bereavement Care with losses through the lifespan, Rev Cathy is able to assist you in these difficult times leading up to a loved one’s death, celebrating their life and supporting you after everyone has returned home. Please contact Rev Cathy by calling her directly at 519-915-4179, or at the church office or emailing to arrange a time!