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1825 Grand Marais Rd West     Windsor, ON     N9E 1E9


To Celebrate God’s Presence in:


To Glorify God and Make Disciples in the Name of Jesus Christ as the Spirit leads and Guides


We value friendship with church family members as we grow in faith, share in the life and work of our church and live following the teachings of Jesus Christ

What We Believe

As a congregation of the United Church of Canada we adhere to Statements of Faith as part of our history but members are not required to adhere to any particular creed or formulation of doctrine. The Bible serves as the primacy of our faith and understanding of God.

Four Statements of Faith- 20 Articles of Doctrine 1925; Statement of Faith 1940; A New Creed 1968 and A Song of Faith 2006 are doctrinal teachings of who God is and what we believe have guided the United Church of Canada from its Inception in June 1925 until present day.


Our Minister: The Rev. Dr. Catherine Collins-Barker

  • Ordained in 1991 Rev Cathy has served congregations in Saskatchewan and Ontario for over 30 years.
  • Called to Glenwood Church in July 2009 and continues to be excited about the ministry of Jesus Christ as the church continues to emerge as we reach out through phygital worship ( physical and digital) as we proclaim the gospel message of Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord She sees Glenwood Church as a church family which continues to grasp onto Bible truths about Christ and reaches out with acts of love and social justice
  • Rev Cathy’s ministry encompasses the ministry of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care which includes a variety of tasks
  • Pastoral Care is a key focus for Rev Cathy as her doctoral studies included the various aspects of sharing with others both individually and group settings through the lens of a pastoral minister
  • Rev Cathy has extensive training in death education and assists many people through grief and bereavement situations
  • Other training includes mediation and conflict management; and is recognized as a Conflict Resolution Facilitator for the United Church of Canada and is an Intentional Interim Minister.
  • Rev Cathy currently serves on the Board of Directors of the United Church Windsor Downtown Mission, the Windsor Essex United Church Development Fund, as Chaplain to the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 594, and supports the clients of the Melo Clinic (Pregnancy) Resource Centre infant loss.

Music Director

Linda Shepley has been providing music leadership for over 30 years with our dedicated choir members. She is accomplished pianist and has been teaching music through Academie Ste Cecile for many years.


Glenwood Church volunteers live out their faith through serving Christ’s church in many ways- from the Church Board which oversees the mission and ministry of our church to active committee members and volunteers, there is a place for you to share your gifts and talents as well as opportunities to grow in faith. With monthly board meetings and active committees there is a place for you! Thank you Jane and Pat for all you do in our church office!

Our History

Glenwood United Church:

  • is a congregation of the United Church of Canada
  • opened in South Windsor in 1955 with a larger sanctuary built as an architectural gem in 1962
  • is known for its outreach ministry and support of various programmes within Windsor and around the world.
  • supports the Mission and Service Fund of The United Church of Canada, the Windsor Downtown Mission and Youth Centre, and locally developed projects as well.
  • is home to AA, SA support groups for many years
  • partner/sponsor of 45th Scouting Groups since 2019 (prior to this 66th Scouting from 1955-2018)
  • Celebrates its heritage, ministry and continues to be reaching out to others
  • Began electronic worship services in 2012 and in 2020 livestreams all worship services
  • Continues to encourage families, youth and children to become a part of this family of faith