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1825 Grand Marais Rd West     Windsor, ON     N9E 1E9

Our Minister

The Rev. Dr. Catherine Collins-Barker

We are grateful to have as our Minister, The Rev. Dr. Catherine Collins-Barker who began her ministry with us in July 2009. She has been gifted by God through many talents, gifts and skills and we continue to support her as she ministers amongst us bringing God's Word and as she pastorally shares Christ's love wherever she goes and with whomever she meets.

Ordained in 1991, Rev Cathy continues to be excited about the ministry of Jesus Christ in the United Church as the church is changing and beginning to emerge as something new yet still proclaiming Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord with its mission continuing to be helping others through love.
She sees Glenwood Church as a church family which continues to grasp onto Bible truths about Christ Jesus and to take these truths to meet the needs of the people of Windsor as well as those in need around the world.
In 2010 Rev Cathy completed her Doctor of Ministry degree in Pastoral Ministry which encompasses many areas of her work- pastoral care, biblical study, death dying and bereavement and worship leadership. She continues to minister to others in many ways.

Rev Cathy has received extensive training in death, grief and bereavement, pastoral care and worship and liturgy. She is involved in mediation and has extensive training in conflict management within the church. She is a Conflict Resolution Facilitator for the United Church of Canada.

Rev Cathy has also qualified as an Intentional Interim Minister within the church which encompasses transitional and transformational ministry shared with congregations.

Rev Cathy has served in different capacities in church governance including Past Chair of Essex Presbytery until presbyteries closed in December 2018. With the change in governance structures of the Church, Rev Cathy has been serving the United Church in different ways.
The Essex Presbytery Development Fund which will soon be the Windsor Essex United Church Development Fund offers grants and soon loans for new ministries within Essex County Churches. Rev Cathy serves as treasurer on this committee. If you have questions, please speak to Rev Cathy for further information.

Rev Cathy was nominated and elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the United Church Windsor Downtown Mission and began her term in April 2019. With many challenges facing those in need the Mission has continued to offer basic shelter, food, and clothing and strives to offer support as funding allows. Glenwood Church continues to be a church partner of the Mission through ongoing food and fund drives.

Rev Cathy continues to meet people where they are and helping others in need. As requested, she continues to offer grief and bereavement support to individuals who are clients of the Melo Clinic and (Pregnancy) Resource Centre who have had abortions or who are in need of pastoral support and grief with infant death.

But most importantly Rev Cathy enjoys interacting with people of all ages and delights in seeing individuals come to know Jesus and to deepen their relationship with Him on a daily basis. When individuals' lives are changed by God's Spirit and one comes to know Christ personally it is a most amazing understanding of life in Christ, and life in the body of Christian faith and hope.
Rev Cathy is approachable and is willing to spend time talking with you about your concerns, questions and ideas. She is available for appointments to discuss your faith, your concerns and offers pastoral care to all ages. Please contact the church office to set up a meeting time!

Rev Cathy enjoys playing the piano and clarinet, sewing and baking as well as looking after her family's needs. She is married to Justin and they have two sons, Collin and Nigel who are also active in Glenwood activities